Connect with prospects 10x faster

Dial multiple numbers in parallel, and let our speech recognition identify humans. No more waiting or manual dialing; speak to prospects instantly.

Voicemail Drop

Our AI will skip past answering machines, and we can leave pre-recorded voicemails automatically.

List Intelligence

We'll tell you if a number is bad, if we hit a dial tree, or if we heard an answering machine with a prospect's name. Use this to refine your lists.

No Setup

Log in with your Salesforce, SalesLoft, or Outreach account and you'll be ready to go. There is no training and no complex onboarding.

Accelerate your sales process

Our users rely on Orum to exceed their revenue goals.

  • “By integrating Orum into Outreach we were able to solve our greatest challenge, the inability to get decision makers on the phone. The additional conversations enable us to expedite the training phase for our new reps and has led to an increase in the number of meetings set. Within the first 60 days of leveraging Orum we experienced a 45% increase in booked meetings. Orum is a transformational tool that our reps cannot work without!"
    Jeremy Spring
    Sr. Director of North American Sales - Stratifyd
  • "Orum allowed us to increase our meeting rate by 50%. The time saved let us focus on training and customized research for our clients."
    Bart Bartlett
    CEO - DemandZEN
  • "With its seamless Outreach and Salesforce integrations, Orum increased our number of conversations by 250%, let us train reps faster than ever before, and helped us clean our data, allowing us to reach our market efficiently."
    Rob Morris
    Director of Inside Sales - Simplus

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